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Our K-12 school provides opportunities for strong spiritual, academic, and social development.

Choosing a school for your child to go to can be a challenge. You want your child to thrive while receiving a quality education in an environment centered on Christian principles.

K-12 in Hickory, North Carolina

At Tabernacle Christian School, our private Christian school in Hickory, North Carolina has provided an unparalleled educational experience to students in grades K-12 since 1970. The curriculum for all grades is structured so that students receive training in all academic subjects required by the State of North Carolina. All subjects are taught from a biblical worldview, and social development is encouraged through the teaching of good manners, high moral standards, respect for parents and authority, and patriotism.

All the teachers at our K-12 school are dedicated Christians who serve faithfully at our school and their local church. We strive to maintain low student-to-teacher ratios so that each child has plenty of opportunities for personalized, one-on-on instruction.

As part of our commitment to providing our students with a well-rounded educational experience, our Fine Arts program offers opportunities in vocal and instrumental music, drama, art, and speech. Ensembles and choirs are used to develop group and individual skills, and piano and voice lessons are also available. Our students can participate in music, art, creative writing, and other fine arts competitions on a community, regional, state, and even national level. Additionally, our students can participate in our athletics programs that promote teamwork, stewardship, and physical growth.

If you are looking for a positive educational environment where your child will thrive, enroll them in Tabernacle Christian School. Start this process by contacting our office today.


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