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At our middle school, your child will receive the support they need to thrive from both an academic and spiritual perspective.

The middle school years are an important transitional time in any child’s life, as their brains, bodies, and sense of self are developing and changing rapidly. If you are a Christian parent who wants to help support your child and help them hold fast to their faith during this turbulent time, you may want to consider enrolling them in our program at Tabernacle Christian School. We are committed to supporting our students’ academic, social, and spiritual growth, and you can count on us to support and reinforce the same values that you are teaching them at home.

Middle School in Hickory, North Carolina

At our school, your student will receive the one-on-one attention they need to learn effectively, as we make it a point to keep our student-to-teacher ratio at 15 to 1 or lower. Our curriculum emphasizes fundamentals, and we use instructional materials from Christian presses such as Bob Jones University and Abeka. We teach all subjects from a biblical perspective and place heavy emphasis on instilling Christian values such as accountability, respect, courage, love, and more. We also offer great athletics programs at both the middle school and high school levels to support your child’s physical development and foster a spirit of teamwork and unity.

We have been serving the Hickory, North Carolina community with pride for over 50 years now, and we are eager to continue our mission to support Christian families through excellent education. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our middle school program, we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more.