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Our elementary school program teaches important academic skills as well as essential Christian values.

Early childhood is a critical time in any child’s development, as they rapidly learn new academic and social skills. In addition, the moral lessons and values that children learn during their elementary school years will stick with them throughout their lives. If you are a Christian parent who wants to raise your child with a strong foundation of faith, our team at Tabernacle Christian School is here to help. We provide excellent education for students from pre-school all the way through 12th grade, and we are dedicated to fostering our students’ academic, social, and spiritual development.

Elementary School in Hickory, North Carolina

The student-to-teacher ratio in our classrooms is just 15 to 1, from elementary school all the way through high school, which means your children will receive the individual attention they need to thrive. We provide rigorous academic instruction from a biblical worldview, and we place a heavy emphasis on spiritual development. Our dedicated educators will teach the same Christian values that you model at home, such as courage, integrity, respect, and love. Our elementary education team will also give your children the academic foundation they need to succeed throughout their scholarly careers.

Our school was founded in 1970, and for the past 51 years, we have been proudly serving the Hickory, North Carolina community. If you are looking for an elementary school that will help your child learn valuable skills as well as essential Christian principles, we encourage you to give us a call to learn more about how to enroll.