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We can support your child’s homeschool education.

You want the best for your child, and this played a big role in your decision to homeschool. Home schooling is a beneficial way to provide formal school instruction to your child in an environment you know and control. Homeschooling also lets you structure your curriculum according to your child’s unique needs and personal interests as they receive an education from you.

Home Schooling in Hickory, North Carolina

Although homeschooling is an excellent delivery method of education, there may come a day when you want to fill certain gaps in your child’s learning. For example, you may want your child to participate in team sports or extracurricular activities in the Hickory, North Carolina area, or you may need them to take a class that supersedes your own teaching abilities. When this day comes, we offer flexible options for homeschooled students at Tabernacle Christian School.

How We Can Support Your Child’s Homeschool Education

We want what’s best for your child and for them to continue their love of learning with our additional support during their home schooling journey. You can enroll your child part-time in our school, put them in certain classes to support their academics, or have them participate in some of our sports, music, or fine arts programs.

Our educational professionals are happy to talk to you about your child’s individual needs and to develop an individualized plan for your child that aligns with your home schooling goals. We understand that education should not take on a one-size-fits-all approach, and we are open to customizing your child’s schedule to complement your own home schooling objectives.

What to Know About Our Christian School

Our Christian school has provided a nurturing, loving, and compassionate educational environment for students since our establishment in 1970. We are a member of the North Carolina Christian Schools Association and the American Association of Christian Schools, as well as a ministry of the Tabernacle Baptist Church. Not only do we help children grow educationally, but we encourage our students to grow spiritually by emphasizing their personal accountability to God.

We also encourage the development of 10 key truths in our students during their educational experiences. These truths include courage, holiness, integrity, kindness, love, respect, service, stewardship, thankfulness, and unity.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in supplementing your child’s homeschool education with classes and activities at our school, we encourage you to take a tour of our school first. We will introduce you to some of our teachers, provide additional information about our programs, and show you around our facilities. We want you and your student to feel comfortable at our school and to have a positive experience receiving supplemental education from our programs.

To set up your tour and learn more about how we support home schooling students, reach out to our school’s office today. We can help you schedule a tour, and if you have any general questions you want to ask in the meantime, we will happily answer them.

At Tabernacle Christian School, our program supports home schooling students from Hickory, Hudson, Morganton, Valdese, Taylorsville, Granite Falls, Conover, Newton, and Sherrills Ford, North Carolina.