What Do We Teach at Our Christian School?

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If you have considered enrolling your child at our Christian school instead of putting them into the local public school, you may wonder what we teach our students. Although we provide excellent instruction in core subjects, like math, reading, science, history, and other traditional subjects, we also focus on teaching our students to become well-rounded individuals through the teaching of different values.

What Do We Teach at Our Christian School?

The mission of our Christian school is to encourage our students to develop spiritually from kindergarten until they graduate from high school. We approach all academic instruction from a biblical worldview. We also teach our students patriotism, respect for authority, and to support the work of the local church and the family.

Additionally, our Christian school has identified 10 foundational truths we emphasize through our Code of Conduct. These include courage, holiness, integrity, kindness, love, respect, service, stewardship, thankfulness, and unity.

Ultimately, your children will be taught the same values you teach within the walls of your own home. Our Christian school values centering our educational instruction on Christian principles, and we do this so every child who attends has a positive school experience.

We would be happy to tell you more about what we teach the students who enroll at our Christian school and give you a full tour of our facilities. Contact us today to set up your tour or to find out more about our approach to education.