Community Christian School, Hickory, NC

Our Christian school promotes the same values you teach in your own home.

There are many schools in the Hickory, North Carolina area, and finding the right fit for your child can be a challenge. You want your child to love learning, and you also want them to thrive in an educational environment centered on Christian principles.

Community Christian School in Hickory, North Carolina

Since 1970, our community Christian school has provided unparalleled educational experiences for preschoolers to high schoolers. We structure the curriculum for every grade carefully, so our students receiving training in every academic subject required by the State of North Carolina. We teach every subject from a biblical worldview while encouraging social development by teaching respect for parents and authority, patriotism, high moral standards, and good manners.

The teachers who work at our community Christian school are all dedicated Christians who serve faithfully at their local church and our school. We keep class sizes small, so every student in our school receives ample opportunity for one-on-one, personalized instruction throughout the day.

We are also committed to providing our students with a well-rounded educational experience by offering many extracurricular activities. For example, our fine arts program offers opportunities for speech, art, drama, vocal, and instrumental music to support our students’ interests.

We want your child to thrive during their formative years, and our community Christian school can help this happen. Contact us today to learn more about our school and to schedule a tour of our facilities.