Why Parents Prefer Local Christian Schools

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Choosing where to send your child to school is a crucial decision. You could send him or her to public school, but parents in Hickory, North Carolina have discovered that a local Christian school offers several benefits, including a nurturing learning environment.

Why Parents Prefer Local Christian Schools

  • Strong Moral Values. A local Christian school, by combining faith-based lessons with traditional academics, strengthens moral values in students. At Tabernacle Christian School, we promote character development, honesty, and kindness in addition to a rigorous core curriculum. Children learn 10 foundational truths that create our Code of Conduct.
  • A Christian Perspective. Parents we’ve talked to say they appreciate local Christian schools providing a quality education built on Christian principles. Students at our campus grow academically and spiritually. We’ve been serving our community since 1970 as a ministry of the Tabernacle Baptist Church.
  • Small Class Sizes. One of the key advantages of local Christian schools is small class sizes. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 15 to 1, students receive individualized attention and personalized instruction.
  • A Family Atmosphere. Parents and teachers partner at our school to support their child’s development, creating a tight-knit community. Parents trust their children are in a place where they can focus on learning.
  • College Preparatory Programs. Our school and similar institutions offer robust college preparatory programs. Students are ready for higher education because they have the academic foundation and the life skills needed for success.

When choosing schools, parents want compelling reasons to send their children there. Local Christian schools focus on values, quality education, and a supportive community. To find out more about our school, schedule a campus visit.