K-12 Education: 4 Signs Your Child May Need to Change Schools

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Today, you have options for your child’s K-12 education. If you feel like your child’s current school isn’t meeting their needs, watch out for the following signs that indicate it could be a good time to make a change.

4 Signs Your Child May Need to Change Schools

  1. Lack of enthusiasm about school—You want your child to be enthusiastic about their K-12 education and feel excited about learning in general. If your child constantly complains about going to school, especially if they are in a younger grade, this could be a sign that their current school is not a good fit.
  2. Your child isn’t being challenged—Your child’s K-12 education should be enriching and challenging enough to keep up with their needs. If you feel like academics are lacking, you may want to find a different school.
  3. The need for values that align with your own—What your child is taught in school should align with the standards and behaviors you teach in your own home. A Christian education can reflect the personal values you have and the values you want your child to learn during their educational career.
  4. A change in family circumstances—Your family may have recently moved or experienced another lifestyle change that gets in the way of your child’s academic schedule. Enrolling in a new school can give you the opportunity to match what your family needs with your child’s school schedule.