Extracurriculars for Home Schooling, Hickory, NC

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Get your child involved outside of the home.

Homeschooling is a beneficial approach to education for many families in the Hickory, North Carolina area. By homeschooling, you give your child the opportunity to learn and grow within your own home environment. This allows you to customize your curriculum and teach from a perspective that helps your child grow into who you want them to become.

Extracurriculars for Home Schooling in Hickory, North Carolina

You want to give your child a well-rounded educational experience, even while homeschooling, so finding extracurriculars for homeschooling is a priority as a parent. At Tabernacle Christian School, we offer many extracurriculars for home schooling and encourage your child to get involved with our programs outside of the homeschool setting.

Our main extracurriculars for home schooling include our fine arts program and athletics program. If your child shows an interest in singing with a choir or learning how to play an instrument, they can participate in one of our programs in a group setting. Or, if your child wants to enhance their athletic abilities, we have many different sports teams they can join.

Our extracurriculars for home schooling promote the same values we teach in our school and that you teach in your own home. We make enrolling in our extracurricular activities a seamless process for homeschooled students, so they can come and enjoy a social, group environment to supplement their at-home learning.

We want your student to grow academically, spiritually, and physically through our extracurricular programs. To learn more about these programs, reach out to us today.