The educational foundation a young child receives in his early years determines his educational future, even to the college level. While many daycares only focus on childcare, our preschool places a special emphasis on academics, preparing our students for the next educational step of kindergarten. Tabernacle Christian school offers a distinct educational alternative by providing a strong foundation for your child’s education in a setting that is conducive to spiritual growth.

3 & 4-Year Old Kindergarten Program

In a nurturing and playful environment, caring and committed teachers launch a child’s Christian educational experience by stimulating thinking skills while addressing individual learning needs. The curriculum includes phonics, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, Bible, and much more.  Students are given ample opportunities for listening, speaking, writing, reading, drawing, painting, and imaginative play.  Hot lunch is provided for each preschool-age child.  Classes also enjoy a time of rest in the afternoon.


As the year progresses, the children learn 39 basic sounds of the English language and apply their phonics skills to reading. Guided activities teach these young learners initial letter sounds and alphabet recognition.  Phonemic awareness happens through practice, drill, and reinforcement.  Children learn to read using a phonics based programs called Spell to Write and Read.


Our preschool students will learn correct pencil holding position and paper placement.  They will also learn to write lower and upper case phonograms A-Z and numerals 0-20.  We use cursive writing throughout the school.  Research shows that students who learn cursive writing first are less likely to develop dyslexia and other learning disabilities.


Through various activities our preschoolers learn numbers, shape recognition, and pattern sequencing. Measurement vocabulary is used to teach calendars, clocks, and coins.


Three and four-year olds discover how to think, grow, know, and live “God’s way" through Bible lessons, character stories, Bible verses, memory work, and preschool chapel services.

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